I am going to be talking to you today about torture and how it could save people’s lives. So say your child’s school was taken hostage by a single terrorist who planted the bomb. Your working for the CIA and you have arrested him and holding him in the back of the car. He is bragging on about how you have to suffer as he did and it’s for Allah,

I am going to be changing your thoughts on why torture should be used as a source of interrogation in our government. So most of you ladies and gentlemen are looking at me like why would i make a speech about this evil, why would i commend this about torture being put towards the greater good of this country. So think about torture like a evil cowards way of getting information from our country’s enemies, But in this speech today i am going to change your View from torture being bad into what should be  accepted thing. Young people sitting in the crowd If you look in the media like that episode from American Dad you will see that the CIA were doing a fundraiser to get torture equipment to get codes of a bomb off a terrorist who was saying how america deserves it. Fathers in the crowd think about it if your family was in danger of a bomb exploding and the terrorist is talking about how you should is talking about how you should suffer as his country does. Are you going to allow him to get away with the deaths of millions of people because you did not want to make the choice of interrogating him for the code or wire for disarm the bomb but are you going to be living with the guilt of your family and other of these mens family’s death on your hands.All because you thought that it was not the right thing to do was to interrogate another human being.

George bush was once in the same postion i am in of way torture should be legal this what the man said “My fellow Americans:Three years ago, in the spring of 2003, a man called Khalid Shaikh Mohammed fell into the hands of the Pakistan intelligence service, who handed him over to the CIA. We believed him then, and know him now, to have been a key deputy to Osama bin Laden, a very dangerous master terrorist in his own right. He was in fact the principal planner of 9/11.

Even more important, he was almost certainly privy to other evil plans for further terrorist attacks on the United States. He was interrogated according to the rules of the Geneva Conventions, but said nothing. At that point a dreadful dilemma arose. The only way to get the life-saving information from him was by breaking the rules, in fact to subject him to torture.Believe me when I say that I had rather been asked to give up my life in combat for my country than take that decision. The torture of prisoners is illegal under our laws which I have sworn to uphold, and those of all civilised countries.

So tonight when you go home look at your child and think of what you would do in the postion of that CIA agent. What would you have done? Would you allow the children to die or would you have done something even though it was not the right thing to do?

Transformation-hawk roosting

I sit in a nest the top of the trees with my eyes are closed all i can do is dream that between my hooked feet there is a frightened rabbit trying to escape and at my mark i could end its life with a simple twist to the neck. In my sleep i like to rehearse my perfect kills and and how i am going to eat my feast.

 I think of myself as a perfect hunter, I think of myself as to what most would refer to as champion of the food chain who puts fear into others with a battle cry, Striking fear into my prey but for now my eyes are closed and I am resting and listening in my nest on the top of the tree. The convenience of the high trees like a fortress for me no-one can get me and it is easy for me to move from place to place.It is my defence but also my greatest weakness because i only got view at the bottom of the tree but in the sky i am weak and defenceless. The only thing that i can have as a advantage is flight because no-one can get to me without my say so and the earth’s face upward for my inspection. Every day and night I wait and wait for my prey could be big or small but the wait is always worth it. My stomach growls as it waits for a companion to devour to be delivered then as Without warning there was a slight rustle in the long grass at the bottom of the tall oak, which stirred me  from my dreams, it was time to hunt. The air’s buoyancy and the sun’s ray gave me a huge advantage over my unsuspecting prey. It was as if the earth’s faces were made for me to inspect as a mother inspecting her children.

I took off with all the eloquence of a ballet dance and the skill of a gymnast. My flight was a marvel to watch as every inch of the My body was sensing the air currents, reading the signs and slowly preparing for the kill. Adenaline was coursing through my body as I watched my prey, my prized feast for the day, my winning lottery ticket, Silence is my best friend  as it allows me to sneak up on many even the unsuspecting mouse. I then start to circle around my target with eyes that can almost see through its body to its heart. Then everything is silent like a funeral it was my time to pay respects to the dead. A leave drops in front of me and I swoop down for the kill with my talons as sharp as kitchen knives about to dig into a Christmas turkey.  l can feel as though I am being watched by the world. The world around me stops as it freezes watching to see if I make the grab. Then time goes back to normal and I grab my prey, my main course by the neck into the air as I look down to it and it can already see that this the end with a quick turn of of my talons,The play is over and I win.

Bare Vexed

Dear Isabelle Kerr,

I am writing to you  in response to your blog. I read your blog and i agree with  what you are saying in your article on the young people today, I think that you are right that people don’t listen to the adults and that the Oxford dictionary is broken.

In your article on Twerking, Selfies and unlike? young people don’t speak like that-I should know from how i live in a area filled with both normal and slang stereotypes around.

In the article you have referred to Miley Cyrus as the person who has flooded the Google search with her twerking at the MTV’s music awards. This has caused a uproar over the social media and news to report on that event which has now caused a fad to coming out in to our world causing minors to follow in what is seen.In your blog you say that your 20 years Old, I am 15 years Old . Adults who are meant to be setting a Example for people my age have not done so this has caused a uproar in teens to children to not  Listen to authority and post thing that could get them in trouble not only in school but worldwide.

This has resulted to girls posting videos of themselves to social media. What has caused this to happen? You may ask.This people is not the young generations fault.but actually what websites allow to be posted on to it like Facebook,Youtube,Bebo,Whatsapp and twitter these website allow things that are inappropriate to be posted on there .

On the other side if what you said about a linguistic calamities i agree because on my side of the argument i agreed that the Oxford dictionary is being messed up by these word that do not make any sense and that these words may as well take over Alot the English language. In this case you should not say that you are ashamed and you should not apologies because its not young people’s fault like you and i but really it’s the media and what we see on television :Pop stars (Adults and teenagers) who are responsible.

If you say that in my opinion that young people do whats in,whats the new point of cool. young people focus on how they look on social media  such as facebook,twitter and skype this causes rumors to be spread around. That’s because young people try to be cool. People on their phones see how Miley Cyrus is not listening to anyone this is causing people to follow in what they see and not listen to anyone from teachers to parents.

I also agree with your blog’s article on how Oxford Dictionaries are taking these words as real words, You are not liking the way slang is taking over online dictionaries.But it is something that can not be avoided, I believe that adults should monitor what children do on the internet they say that prevention is better than a cure.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Crowl

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